What Are Occupational Therapists?

What Are Occupational Therapists?

Occupational therapists (OT) are healthcare professionals who assist their patients in improving their abilities to perform better tasks in both their home and work environment. Several treatments and procedures are being used by experts of occupational therapy in Abu Dhabi that help their clients to develop and recover basic living and work skills. These therapies aim to help bring together, a much more wholesome lifestyle. Each therapist sets some goals for his/her clients ensuring that they go on to enjoy a thoroughly satisfying, independent and productive life.

OTs would not only be working with people having minor issues, but patients with permanent disabilities. They would cater patients having problems like spinal cord injuries or paralysis, whether in the recovery phase or in an ICU in Abu Dhabi at the initial stage of their trauma.

People facing difficulties in performing simple daily tasks are assisted by occupational therapists. They demonstrate the use of adaptive equipment such as wheel-chairs, walkers, hearing aids, dressing aids etc. and in some special cases, these occupational therapists also go on to design new equipment that might be required by the patient to function at his home or workplace. They teach the usage and functionality of these new equipment to their clients incorporating them in their daily lives.

The most important aspect of occupational therapy is the assessment and record of the progress made by the client. These records scrutinize the procedures helping them to cover any left out factors.

OTs may often choose to only work with a particular age group instead of all giving them scope in specializing the methods and procedures for the same. For example, therapists who choose to work in schools tend to cater children only. They may work with an individual child or a small group of children at a time. They employ various physical activities and exercises that are essential for the proper development of a child.

Similarly, many occupational therapists work with elderly people alone. They help the elderly to lead more productive and wholesome lives. They go deep down to fine details figuring out any factors that pose problems for the patient.

Occupational therapists are a great help to people with problems like stunted mental development, emotional trauma or addictions. To overcome such problems, the therapists work accordingly and set up unique activities that are sure to bring about positive results. Occupational therapists also work to relieve stress related problems.

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